High Flowback lances
Outstanding high flowback lances can meet your high flowrate requiments(Max. flowrate 50 tons liquid water/hr @30bar) but the
droplet size can maintain at certain small droplet size. It is widely used in the application ie gas cooling, gas conditioning, Semi-dry FGD etc.
Key features overview
  •  Produces a consistent droplet size by applying consistent pressure to the nozzle at all times.
  • When desired gas temperature is achieved and a reduction in volume is needed, excess liquid flows back through the
  • center orifice of the nozzle body
  • 10:1 turndown ration can widely meet variations in gas temperature or volume
  • Large selection of nozzle capacities, 5tons~50tons/hr @ 30 bar
  • TC tip nozzle material to ensure long service life for the nozzle
  • Simple two-piece design makes installation and maintenance quick and easy
  • Customized design for the lance length and installation connection method
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